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550 Home Dev Plan for Calusa

by savecalusa

Current Status: CANCELLED!!!! The public hearing that was scheduled for October 20, 2021 9:30am in person at the Stephen P Clark Center (2nd floor) was CANCELLED.

Tentative Hearing Date is now Nov 17th. Mailed notices will be mailed to residents within 1/2 mile of the property.

Please register for automated County Active Zoning Service notifications (including hearing dates and changes). You will receive notifications via email directly from the County. The link to register for Z2021000031 is: https://miamidade.live/MDC-ZoningHearing

The zoning application was submitted February 18th, 2021 under application number Z2021000031. Zoning application materials are available here: https://energov.miamidade.gov/EnerGov_Prod/selfservice/MiamiDadeProd#/plan/51da3c66-18a1-4022-ab4b-a3a27b8c1dbd?tab=attachments

Next Step: The applicant will continue to provide additional application supporting materials that will be updated to the County zoning site. We are eagerly waiting for the County staff to provide their recommendations to the County Commissioners. This is a document that will be publicly available before the hearing. This hearing goes directly to the BCC (not through the Community Council 11 due to the size of the property/proposed development). The public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday Oct 20, 2021 at 9:30am at the Stephen P Clark Center (2nd floor).

Proposed Development: The applicant has submitted an application and site plan for 550 single family homes in a private gated community. There are no community benefits included in the application, even though a nearly 5 acre park was recommended by the Parks, Rec and Open Spaces Dept as part of the pre-application process under Z2020P00230.

Location: The property is located in Calusa, and is currently 168 acres of undeveloped greenspace. Calusa is located in Kendall/West Kendall between 127th and 137th ave, and 88 street (Kendall Drive) and 104th street. It is known as the former Calusa golf course which the owner closed permanently in 2011. The property address is 9400 sw 130th ave, Miami, Florida 33186

Zoning: The current zoning district, after the release of our 99 year Covenant in Oct 2020, automatically allows for the development of GU (General Use Interim) under EU-2 (Estate, Single Family, 5 acre lots) which allows for ~30 single family homes. The new proposed application asks for a maximum density of 550 single family homes (3.250 units per acre) under a PAD (Planned Area Development) agreement.

CDMP: The property is designated as Parks and Recreation on the Comprehensive Development Master Plan (CDMP) Land Use Plan (LUP) map. The Parks and Recreation designation includes golf courses and other parks of approximately 40 acres and larger which are significant community features.

Wildlife: There are tremendously diverse wildlife on the 168 acre property, but we have spent the most time advocating for protection of the following because their presence has been confirmed:

1. Endangered Florida Bonneted Bat: High bonneted bat activity was recorded through acoustic surveys, and the timing and nature of the calls support that roosting is likely to occur nearby.

2. Calusa Rookery: Florida Fish and Wildlife added the State Threatened tricolored heron nesting colony in the Calusa Rookery to their Wading Bird Guidelines map as a recent (2021) imperiled wading bird colony (https://myfwc.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=b00eccadc9504b96aa4a027b5acd2b99)

Community organization letters OPPOSING the proposed development:

Z2021000031 Important Zoning Application Documents:

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