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by savecalusa

Current Status: The zoning application for Baptist/Altman was submitted March 4, 2021 under application number Z2021000047. Zoning application materials are available here: https://energov.miamidade.gov/EnerGov_Prod/selfservice/MiamiDadeProd#/plan/8dee2704-843a-4218-92f1-9f1e80c25d81?tab=meetings

Next Step: Zoning notices were mailed to residents within a .5 mile radius of the property. The Community Council 11 for West Kendall will meet and approve or deny the proposed zoning change and development.

Public Hearing Details: MIAMI-DADE COUNTY COMMUNITY ZONING APPEALS BOARD 11 will hold a public hearing on the following zoning applications on June 13, 2022, 7:00pm at Kendall Village Center, Civic Pavilion, 8625 SW 124 Avenue, Miami, FL


March 3, 2022 DERM requested deferral

April 11, 2022 Deferred due to lack of quorum

May 18, 2022 Deferred due to lack of quorum


Interested parties may:

(1)  view a live broadcast of the meeting or speak on an application, where permissible, in a room located at Kendall Village Center, Civic Pavilion, 8625 SW 124 Avenue, Miami, FL (registration for in-person is onsite at the meeting)

(2)  join the meeting live via Zoom™ to listen or speak on an application, where permissible, by registering in advance of the meeting at the link provided in the hearing notice/agenda. Pre-register by June 12 here: https://miamidade.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_yxXqHlQQQoGSi-8yoJLhBw

(3)  or register by calling 786-414-2600.

Development Proposal: The applicant has submitted an application site plan for a mixed-use Baptist emergency room (ER) and Altman development of ~340 luxury rental apartment units (6 buildings, 6 stories each) in a private gated community. Baptist has not yet decided what type of medical facility will be build, but asking for an ER allows for them to specify the details later based on community needs. Altman is under contract to purchase the portion of the property to be used for the residential development upon the pending zoning approval.

Location: 14.5 acres on the north east corner of 137th ave and 96th street (next to Calusa Elementary where the strawberry/sunflower fields etc. are now)

Zoning: This is NOT currently zoned agricultural land. The two lots are currently zoned RU-5A (semi professional office) and RU-TH (townhouses at 8.5 per acre) and the request is to change it to BU-2, with a special exception to allow residential development in connection with a mixed-use project.

Note: We are monitoring this application closely because of the cumulative nature of community impacts due to the close proximity to the Calusa Elementary School and proposed 550 unit residential development on the former Calusa Golf Course. Our goal is to ensure residents are informed on this application, and to encourage residents to participate in the process. We acknowledge that there are both positive and negative aspects to this development including (but not limited to):

Positive Aspects:

-There is no land use covenant protecting this property, and it is currently zoned for townhomes and semi-professional office use.

-There are no known wildlife or habitat concerns.

-The property is on an active transit way (sw 137th ave, and within the planned Kendall SMART corridor (Kendall Drive/88th street).

-The proposed plan has a large lake and pool pavilion facing the existing community residents, a good setback, and the least amount of the buildings in view as possible (mostly the narrow end of the buildings). It also includes a low guard rail on the 96st and canal facing the school sides. This means no large concrete wall which makes it appear more open to existing surrounding residents.

-The developer, Altman, is providing an open green space natural preservation area (.7 acres) planned on the back part of the property, facing existing residences and the school.

-The developer, Altman, has committed to making a significant contribution to the Dade County Parks Foundation in a Trust specifically for the KFHA Community Garden (on 127th ave across from Arvida Middle School).

-Active, ongoing community engagement with KFHA, school PTA, and local residents. Three community town halls were provided, and residents were permitted to ask questions in a live format to encourage active ongoing discussion.

Negative Aspects:

-Residents are concerned about the impacts two large-scale developments and the associated density will have on school capacity, traffic and other local infrastructure. This is a well established and highly congested area, and in particular the intersection at 88 street and 137th ave is identified in the project traffic study as an existing problem with no known solution identified.

-Though the entrance on 137th ave is preferred over one on 96st, residents are concerned about cut through traffic during the pm peak period to avoid cutting across 137th to access to property. A street light would be preferred at this entrance but FDOT has indicated the anticipated traffic does not warrant one (Altman has agreed to fund the addition of a street light if approval is gained by FDOT)

-Loss of beloved community u-pick: The strawberry field/farm is a local well loved establishment that residents are disappointed to lose.

-No access to new facilities: The lake, walking path, clubhouse and recreation facilities are all valuable new benefits, however they are part of a private gated community which means existing residents cannot access them.

Proposed Site Plan (subject to change):