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by savecalusa

Current Status: Nov 16, 2022 3rd District Court of Appeals issues verdict in favor of Save Calusa! WE WON!! The owner/developer filed a motion on December 1, 2022 asking the panel to reconsider its ruling and for the Florida Supreme Court to consider the impact of required notice as a question of great public importance. We are confident the 3rd DCA opinion will be upheld, and await the panel’s final decision.

The 3rd District Court of Appeals (DCA) granted our petition (No. 3D22-1296)! Details here: https://www.3dca.flcourts.org/content/download/852826/opinion/221296_DC03_11162022_102251_i.pdf

“Allowing the decision to stand threatens to compromise the due process the regulatory framework strives
to afford. Accordingly, we grant the petition for certiorari and quash the order under review.
Petition granted; order quashed.”

On Dec 27, 2021, our non-profit Save Calusa Inc. filed litigation in the Miami-Dade Circuit Court asking to:

  1. Quash (reverse) the zoning development approval granted November 17th, 2021 because it was done without proper hearing notice
  2. Stay (hold) of any tree/building removal permits until required environmental studies can be completed.