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How to Help

by savecalusa

Here are some different ways you can help us Save Calusa!

All County residents should be extremely concerned with how our covenant was released, the lack of public input, lack of community benefits, disregard for designated parks and rec land, and the impacts to our wildlife and environment. You do not need to live in Calusa to join our advocacy!

Other ways to help:

  1. Get a lawn sign or T-shirt! This will help extend our reach to even more members of our community! We are stronger together! Please complete this fancy form to request one (or both!) https://forms.gle/3MKDDnGdrZXor3ds8
  2. Are you part of an HOA or community group that could provide a letter on behalf of the organization? Email us for more details on how your group may help Save Calusa: kendallstrong2020@gmail.com
  3. Spread the word! Please check this website, follow us/like/share on social media (see footer for links), and ensure our community is engaged and informed to be prepared for next steps to continue our fight of the proposed 550 residential development to replace our 168 acres of greenspace.

Miami-Dade County Commissioner Contact Information

  • Find your commissioner by going to this link and typing in your address: https://www.miamidade.gov/global/government/commission/home.page
  • If you are sending an email, please also copy kendallstrong2020@gmail.com so we have a record of your opposition to this large-scale development! Thank you!
  • Once you know your commissioner, use the information below to contact them:

District 1 Vice Chair Oliver G. Gilbert, III
Office: 305-375-5694
Email: district1@miamidade.gov

District 2 Commissioner Jean Monestime
Office: 305-375-4833
Email: district2@miamidade.gov

District 3 Chairwoman Keon Hardemon
Office: 305-375-5393
Email: district3@miamidade.gov

District 4 Commissioner Sally A. Heyman
Office: 305-375-5128
Email: district4@miamidade.gov

District 5 Commissioner Eileen Higgins
Office: 305-375-5924
Email: district5@miamidade.gov

District 6 Vice Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa
Office 305-375-5696
Email: district6@miamidade.gov

District 7 Commissioners Raquel Regalado
Office: 305-669-4003
Email: district7@miamidade.gov

District 8 Commissioner Danielle Cohen Higgins
Office: 305-375-5218
Email: district8@miamidade.gov

District 9 Commissioner Kionne L. McGhee
Office: 305-245-4420
Email: district 9@miamidade.gov

District 10 Commissioner Javier D. Souto
Office: 305-375-4835
Email: district10@miamidade.gov

District 11 Commissioner Joe A. Martinez
Office: 305-552-1155
Email: district11@miamidade.gov

District 12 Chairman Jose “Pepe” Diaz
Office: 305-375-4343
Email: district12@miamidade.gov

District 13 Commissioner René Garcia
Office: 305-375-4831
Email: district13@miamidade.gov

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava
Office: 305-375-5071
Email: mayor@miamidade.gov