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Calusa Rookery

by savecalusa
  • A multi-species rookery in an area as heavily developed as Kendall/West Kendall is very rare
  • This mixed colony of breeding also shows breeding colors and plumage
  • We’ve documented great egrets, anhinga, cattle egrets, tricolored herons, and a rare redhead!
  • We have a letter of support from Tropical Audubon whose mission is “To conserve and restore South Florida ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife and their habitats.”
  • The applicant’s environmental assessment report dated Feb 2020 (and conducted on Dec 9, 2020) indicates the confirmed presence of the following:
    • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation (FWC) State Threated (ST): little blue heron and tricolored heron
    • Miami-Dade County CDMP: little blue heron, tricolored heron, osprey, snowy egret and white ibis
  • The County’s DERM memo dated Aug 26, 2021 states:
    • the applicant’s report does not indicate how the State Threated species were utilizing the site, and did not identify a rookery
    • the applicant’s report was conducted on one day which is not sufficient to determine full wildlife utilization
  • Tropical Audubon has an ebird checklist reported for the endangered wood stork from Nov 2019
  • There may also be endangered burrowing owls on the property, many residents confirmed sightings when the golf course was functional

Photo credit: Dennis and Victoria Horn